Our goal here is to reach across all party lines with the power of music to unite America and Americans to bring us together or a common ground. We plan on organizing events that are bipartisan with the hopes interacting with our fellow Americans with love peace, fun, music and ideas to move this country forward united together.

We believe in order for us to truly live and work together we must first speak to one another, we must first communicate with one another we must first engage with one another as human beings. We love people of all different cultures.This is what’s so great about America the melting pot. We must get back to this way of living this way of life. This is our project.



i’MA is focused on building up ethnic/minority communities through education and encouraging the economic and political freedom of America’s Conservative values


Recognizing the inherent value and dignity of each individual, i’MA will promote peace and respect via the sensational music of  Reggie Rocko With the goal of bringing all people together through the power of music."Republicans,Democrats ,Independents and Liberals unite to create this amazing project."


Reggie Rocko believes by utilizing a variety of marketing mediums to teach and support Conservative American values, this will help in developing Black, Brown and Asian role models, Reggie will reach into ethnic communities to teach and promote America’s founding principles. That all men are created equal with inalienable Rights from God; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.And he will use music to get there attetion.