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                                                      Reggie Rocko Carr

                                        CEO/Producer/Writer/ Entertainment Mogul


Reggie Rocko Carr is an extremely talented producer, writer, publisher and business consultant.Reggie's projects include working with various major artists and producers worldwide. He is very skilled in management, composing, and studio recording.He loves to create, produce and write musical compositions. He is an expert in marketing and promotions. Reggie is currently writing and developing reality T.V. show scripts and producing movie trailers.


Reggie has worked in communities across the country promoting peace and unity.Reggie was inspired to produce this exciting, incredibly BRILLIANT album titled DANCE/RHYTHM/GROOVE. As Reggie observed how divided the country is, he decided to bring people together through the power of music. Reggie enlisted several friends in the entertainment industry to assist him. These industry friends are of different ethnicities, cultures and political affiliations. They are joining forces with Reggie to unite the country and the world through music.

Reggie has produced and worked on a variety of projects with major and independent artist and labels such as La Face Records, Lowery Music Group, Universal Records, Motown Records, Sony Records, So So Def, Hit Afta Hit, Catherine Brewton, Kwan Prather, Vernon Bullock, Al Bell, Tony Mercedes, Divine Stephens, Fabo, Crime Mobb,Tabby of Kutt Close, Tamika Scott of Xscape, Nina Easton, Dallas Austin, Denver Broncos, E.A. Sports, Major     League Baseball and the NFL. Jingles include: Jarritos, ("Drink What You Like”) and TJs Pizza (“Try TJs Pizza”).   Songs: Salute To Daddy Bruce and a song written for Ocean Journey. T.V. Shows: N.Y Undercover among others.

Reggie has been a V. I. P. guest at the Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and sponsor of the N.A.B.O.B events in Saint Martin He is a role model for Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives and has been a Big Brother for the United Way. Reggie has helped thousands of people thru his charity

Reggie has appeared on several national news stations  ABC, CBS FOX 31.

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Use the power of music to bring us together. We are one race, The Human Race.




Heal our hurts and divisions.Help each of us realize that we basically want the same things: opportunity to work and take care of ourselves and our families, a good education to put our kids on the path to success and all of us working together to promote Human dignity and Human flourishing. 


We are committed to work towards a world where every child, every human person has the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish.We are committed to a world where we judge each other by our individual hearts instead of some group identity. We are committed to love ourselves and each other and strive for peace and unity around the idea that we are equal and we have the right to our own lives, the things we love and the opportunity to pursue our individual happiness.